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A Week At The Beach

I spent the most glorious week at the beach. I am truly in awe of the untouched beauty of it all. I feel so at peace here.  I so love being alone with nature. It is so quiet here except for the sound of the waves hitting the shore.  The smell of the sea fills my senses. The salt water is so healing for my skin and hair. I couldn’t possibly love it here more.

Sitting here alone on this untouched beach paradise with the birds and the occasional dolphin that goes by I feel like I’ve entered some kind of a time warp. I can imagine Gidget and Moon Doggie running around while Don’t Worry Baby by the Beach Boys plays in the background.

So many years of my life were spent cooped up in an office. Sometimes without even so much as a window. This place right here is the place I dreamed of.DSCN9209DSCN9215DSCN9226DSCN9254DSCN9269DSCN9225DSCN9268IMG_2967



Little Piece Of Heaven

A school of dolphins and a chatty seagull.

Some mornings I want to scream,

and some mornings I can't get over how beautiful life is.


A Cardinal Serenaded Me Today

This morning I went out for my walk as I always do. It’s such a beautiful time of year right now! Everything is in bloom. The colors are all so vibrant. As I’m walking I get whiffs of honeysuckle, gardenias and lilacs. I just love it!

Today, as I was strolling down my regular path I heard something above me. I looked up to find this cardinal sitting perched on a branch right above me. My first thought was, “Great, watch him poop on my head!”  Instead, he started singing.

I’ve always heard it said that when you see a cardinal it’s a deceased loved one wanting you to know that they’re around. The word cardinal actually comes from the latin word cardo which means hinge or axis. In a sense the cardinal is like a hinge on a door that opens briefly between our world and the spirit world. What a delightful thought!

I don’t know which deceased loved one might be wanting to contact me. I could think about that for hours and never really know for sure. So I choose not to ruin a beautiful moment and I let it go. It doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a loved one, that’s all that matters. I hope they’re happy with what they see and know I love them.


Kentucky Derby Hat Tradition

This weekend is the 142nd Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The first race took place on May 17, 1875. The winner was Aristides and his rider was Oliver Lewis.

The Kentucky Derby has become a grand tradition and is the first race in what is known as the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown  is a series of three thoroughbred horse races for three-year-old horses..  It is considered one of the most difficult and prestigious accomplishments in horse racing.  The grueling schedule requires a three-year-old horse to win the Kentucky Derby, then two weeks later win the Preakness Stakes, and then three weeks later win the Belmont Stakes.  In all of racing history, only twelve horses have achieved the Triple Crown. They are:

1919 Sir Barton
1930 Gallant Fox
1935 Omaha
1937 War Admiral
1941 Whirlaway
1943 Count Fleet
1946 Assault
1948 Citation
1973 Secretariat
1977 Seattle Slew
1978 Affirmed
2015 American Pharoah

Along with the Kentucky Derby comes the tradition and spectacle of the  Kentucky Derby Hat Parade. It is part of what makes the derby one of the greatest people-watching events in the world!

The fashion tradition was started by Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr.  It was his vision for the Derby to be an event that the high-class would attend, similar to European-style racing events, which mandated full morning dress for men and women.

The pre-Kentucky Derby racetrack was not considered a place for women and  children because of the gambling and drinking that took place there.

The Colonel was inspired by his trips to London’s Epsom Derby and Paris’ Grand Prix. These were elegant and stylish events that attracted an upper-class crowd. Clark’s intention was to transform American racetracks from places associated with immorality and vice to places that would attract a wealthier crowd.

With the help of his wife, they were able to enlist a full wagon of high society women to go door to door telling their friends they were going to have a picnic at the racetrack. The event quickly became just as much about the fashion as the racing. Going to a horse racing event became an opportunity to show off the latest in spring fashion and women were known to coordinate their hats, dresses, bags, shoes, and even parasols.

That tradition lives on today with women’s hats being even larger, brighter, and more extravagant than ever!

For more in-depth information about the weekends events go to

Olive Oil For Healthy Shiny Hair

After moving to Florida in January I slowly began to notice a change was occurring with my hair. It wasn’t in a good way either. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with dry over-processed hair for several years but now that situation was getting even worse.  The water down here is so very very harsh it took my problem to a whole new level.

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve never had dandruff so when I started noticing white flecks in my hair it really scared me because I thought I had picked up lice or something. However, after taking a closer look I realized there was some sort of something happening on my scalp. I really couldn’t identify what was going on.

So what was I going to do? It really bothered me because I didn’t want to cut my hair off. Laying in bed one night teetering in and out of sleep, my mind wandered back to a time 30 years ago when I would massage my scalp with olive oil every other night before bed. I guess over the course of getting married and raising children I had stopped somewhere along the way and completely forgotten about it.

I got up right then and there, went to the pantry, pulled out the olive oil, dabbed some on my finger tips and started massaging making sure I got every section of my scalp. As I was massaging I could feel clumps loosening from my scalp. I think over time there is just so much product build-up that gets stuck to the scalp. If you try this do not saturate your hair and scalp. It isn’t necessary and will just make a big mess.

In the morning I washed my hair as usual and I could not believe my eyes!  After just one time using the olive oil my hair was already responding. I’ve been using it all week now and my hair is transformed. I was afraid that it might strip the color from my hair but on the contrary it’s made it look better!

I am sharing this for anyone else who might be at their wits end about their hair. It’s definitely worth a try! Good luck if you do it!

Spring Flowers



Chicken Bone Broth (Italian Penicillin)

As a child, whenever I was sick my mother would feed me some homemade chicken broth with pastina. For this reason it is a comfort food for me to this day.

To make really authentic chicken broth it is best to use the back of the chicken. In a perfect world you’ll be using an organic free-range chicken from your local farmer. What you are really going to be making is a really good bone broth.

To begin, place the chicken back in a pot and cover it with either filtered water or spring water. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for at least 2 or 3 hours. You may have to add more water occasionally. If you add salt, use a good salt. Either Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan Sea Salt.

After the 2 or 3 hours you can shut it off and remove it from the heat and just let it cool down.  Once it’s cooled you’ll want to strain it through a cheese cloth (or my mother used a dish towel) to make sure to remove any pieces of small bones that may have broken free during the cooking process. This will ensure that no one will choke on them. Obviously you will want to throw those away.

And that’s it! You can freeze it. Use it in recipes. Or just sip it. Enjoy it in good health!


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