My son took me to this little hole in the wall place for some Pho a while back. Not sure how or why he went in there in the first […]

Farewell Batman

It isn’t often that we get to have a real superhero in our midst. But that’s exactly what we had in Adam West. The world lost a true class act […]

Saying Goodbye to Facebook

I’ve been so quiet lately. I didn’t write one word all last week. My mother wouldn’t believe it if she were still alive. Is this what peace feels like? It’s […]


A single rose can be my garden… a single friend, my world…….. Leo Buscaglia    

Simplest Chili

I know it’s summer and it’s hot out but occasionally there’ll be those cool rainy nights when you’re home curled up on the couch watching a movie. My recipes are […]

Horses of The Hermitage

The Hermitage is a plantation that was owned by Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States. It is located in Davidson County, Tennessee, 10 miles east of downtown Nashville and […]

Loving Diversity

I’ve been writing my story on another blog that I keep hidden. I don’t think anybody wants to know me that intimately. It’s been quite cathartic. It’s also started me […]

Flower Of The Day – May 17th

“Some people complain that roses have thorns; I am grateful that thorns have roses” …Alphonse Karr I haven’t been on here much lately as I’ve started a new job. I’m […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was created by Anna Jarvis in 1908 and became an official U.S. holiday in 1914. It began as a day that included churchgoing, the distribution of carnations, and […]