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Thoughts on Money

Collecting has become such a popular pastime these days. People collect all sorts of things. They think their items will become valuable down the road but guess what?  They don’t!  My advice on collecting is this…. Collect your money instead.

This is very valuable advice. I’ve spent a lifetime collecting worthless junk thinking it will become valuable. Has it? No. Most things have actually gone down in value. Besides going down in value there is the loss of space due to having to store these items. They sit in boxes in the attic virtually untouched for years and years. I could have all that money sitting in a money market account or invested in something, reaping interest or dividends.

When we buy things we get that temporary high. But once it’s home and unpacked that’s the end of the high. We forget about it and move on to the next worthless piece of crap we want to buy.

That is why my advice is to just save your money. Start a savings account and at the end of every month take whatever is leftover in your checking account after paying your bills and sweep it in there. You’ll be shocked at how quickly it will add up.

Live a simple life. Remember… the less you have, the less you have to clean!

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