Saying Goodbye to Facebook

I’ve been so quiet lately. I didn’t write one word all last week. My mother wouldn’t believe it if she were still alive.

Is this what peace feels like? It’s been a lifetime since I’ve felt this way.  Oh the joy of not being visually assaulted by horrific images first thing in the morning. Oh the beauty of not reading the hateful comments and posts of bitter people that push my buttons and pull me into arguments with strangers who don’t even know me but cast judgement on me based on a single comment I make.

So how did I reclaim my peace? I deactivated my Facebook account.  I disconnected. I really thought I’d feel bad when I hit “deactivate my account”, but instead I felt greatly empowered.

Beginning back in 2009, Facebook began as a beautiful journey of rediscovery and reconnection with old friends. I loved seeing their family photos, their children, and their grandchildren. It was fun and amazing to see who had married who and learn about the different journeys and paths everyone had taken. That was the beauty of Facebook at its finest.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the journey, at some unknown point, it began to morph. After everyone got over the initial excitement of reconnecting, they stopped being on their best behavior and masks were lifted and true personalities emerged. I began to see that “cliques” and “mean girls” and “bullies” seemed to still exist, although they had grown better skilled at hiding it through the years. Many people had still not fully matured emotionally and posted all their dirty laundry over the internet for the whole wide world to see. It was like high school all over again.

While my own life has been far from all roses and lollipops, I’ve tried not to publicly cry out about every misfortune I’ve been hit with. There’s a great deal about my life, as with everyone’s, that I wish had turned out differently.  I’m truly sympathetic and empathetic to the challenges and heartaches of others. Perhaps it’s for this reason that I’ve had to let go and cut myself loose from the madness.

The problem I found with Facebook is this. While it’s true it had brought me back in contact with all my elementary and high school friends, it eventually began to serve as a reminder that there was a reason I hadn’t kept in touch with these people after graduation in the first place!





2 Comments on “Saying Goodbye to Facebook

  1. Good. Social media is so abused! Facebook is one of them and it’s a shame. There is so much knowledge you can gain from those insightful posts but Facebook is hardly appreciated that way. That’s why we moved to WordPress!

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