Loving Diversity

I’ve been writing my story on another blog that I keep hidden. I don’t think anybody wants to know me that intimately. It’s been quite cathartic. It’s also started me thinking on a grander scale.

It’s so mind boggling to think that every single person has this whole intricate story of their life. With an infinite number of possibilities spread out across an entire planet, how amazing is it to run into someone who shares similar experiences that you do?  Or is it just the opposite and because there are so many people, does that make it more likely to  run into people who share similar experiences?

I’ve spent a great part of my life traveling and living in different states and countries. I’ve loved that. I love meeting new people and learning their story. While we’re all unique we’re all the same. We all experience tragedy, obstacles and triumph. There’s always great happiness and great sadness.

It fascinates me to learn how different people live from day to day. I feel very honored when they share their customs and traditions with me. Sometimes I’m fascinated to find how people can be vastly separated geographically and yet be so similar. That’s the human condition coming into play.

I don’t think you can truly learn about a culture from a week or two vacation. You can certainly see the countryside and taste the food in that period of time but to really learn about a culture you should live among the people for an extended period of time.

A lot of people (my family and what I call my original childhood friends) can’t understand how I can just pick up and move like I do. Why I would want to keep starting over? Some people think I’m crazy. Some think I’m brave. I don’t think I’m either. I’m just me.

We all have our own set of hopes and dreams. There’s no right or wrong path to follow. I find that to be an absolutely wonderfully comforting thought!









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