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A Cardinal Serenaded Me Today

This morning I went out for my walk as I always do. It’s such a beautiful time of year right now! Everything is in bloom. The colors are all so vibrant. As I’m walking I get whiffs of honeysuckle, gardenias and lilacs. I just love it!

Today, as I was strolling down my regular path I heard something above me. I looked up to find this cardinal sitting perched on a branch right above me. My first thought was, “Great, watch him poop on my head!”  Instead, he started singing.

I’ve always heard it said that when you see a cardinal it’s a deceased loved one wanting you to know that they’re around. The word cardinal actually comes from the latin word cardo which means hinge or axis. In a sense the cardinal is like a hinge on a door that opens briefly between our world and the spirit world. What a delightful thought!

I don’t know which deceased loved one might be wanting to contact me. I could think about that for hours and never really know for sure. So I choose not to ruin a beautiful moment and I let it go. It doesn’t really matter to me. It’s a loved one, that’s all that matters. I hope they’re happy with what they see and know I love them.



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