Olive Oil For Healthy Shiny Hair

After moving to Florida in January I slowly began to notice a change was occurring with my hair. It wasn’t in a good way either. Honestly, I’ve been struggling with dry over-processed hair for several years but now that situation was getting even worse.  The water down here is so very very harsh it took my problem to a whole new level.

I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve never had dandruff so when I started noticing white flecks in my hair it really scared me because I thought I had picked up lice or something. However, after taking a closer look I realized there was some sort of something happening on my scalp. I really couldn’t identify what was going on.

So what was I going to do? It really bothered me because I didn’t want to cut my hair off. Laying in bed one night teetering in and out of sleep, my mind wandered back to a time 30 years ago when I would massage my scalp with olive oil every other night before bed. I guess over the course of getting married and raising children I had stopped somewhere along the way and completely forgotten about it.

I got up right then and there, went to the pantry, pulled out the olive oil, dabbed some on my finger tips and started massaging making sure I got every section of my scalp. As I was massaging I could feel clumps loosening from my scalp. I think over time there is just so much product build-up that gets stuck to the scalp. If you try this do not saturate your hair and scalp. It isn’t necessary and will just make a big mess.

In the morning I washed my hair as usual and I could not believe my eyes!  After just one time using the olive oil my hair was already responding. I’ve been using it all week now and my hair is transformed. I was afraid that it might strip the color from my hair but on the contrary it’s made it look better!

I am sharing this for anyone else who might be at their wits end about their hair. It’s definitely worth a try! Good luck if you do it!


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