Seventy Years Ago It Was A Different World

1947 – I love the way everyone dressed back then! It seems like it was such a classy time. That feature photo was taken at a club in Manhattan. Reminds me of a photo from “The Shining”. I just love the way the men have on tuxedos and the women are wearing corsages. My parents are on the left in the back. So young and beautiful!


There’s something so bittersweet in seeing your parents in their younger days. This photo was taken in Astoria, Queens, New York. My mom, Catherine, and my dad, Joe, just 22 years old here.  This is the same year they were married.

They met when they were 13 years old. For my mother, it was love at first sight. For my dad, not quite so much. She was a tomboy at 13 and as she told it, he would literally cross the street to the other side if he saw her coming. He wanted nothing to do with her. That didn’t stop her though. Luckily, she had my uncle Joe in her corner. She stopped dressing like a tomboy and uncle Joe would invite her along when he did things with my dad. In this way my dad got to know her. The rest, as they say, is history.


They married on September 7, 1947. They had what was called an “Italian Football Wedding”.  As you can see there are trays and trays of sandwiches. It is my understanding that during the course of the wedding, someone would yell out, “Hey, I need a ham sandwich”, and someone would hurl one across the room to him like a football. They said it was a blast and everyone had a wonderful time!

Life just seems like it was simpler back then. I’m sure it wasn’t and they had their problems. Just glad to have these priceless photo treasures.







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