Killer Shrimp: Marina Del Rey, California

While vacationing in California last year I was taken to a place in Marina Del Rey called Killer Shrimp. I had heard so much about this restaurant through the years that I was very excited to finally be going there. It wasn’t exactly what I expected. It was better!

The menu boasts an expansive array of tempting choices and the aroma that hits you when you enter is intoxicating. However, we were there for the Killer Shrimp.

I will say I was a little shocked when my dinner arrived. I wasn’t really expecting a huge bowl of what looked like shrimp soup and a loaf of Italian bread. Shrimp soup just didn’t excite me but I picked up a piece of bread and dipped it in the broth as I was instructed and WOW! Heaven!

Now I would be remiss if I only mentioned the food when describing a restaurant. To me a restaurant is more than just the choices on a menu. It’s also in the ambience. It’s about the sights and smells.

To dine on delicious food while sipping wine and engaging in stimulating conversation with good company is happiness. To do so while gazing at the sun glistening on the water and watching ships going in and out of the marina is nirvana for me.

I hope everyone gets to experience this wonderful place at some point in their lifetime!


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