Eulogy To My 24 Inch Waist

Who’s the one that decided that we as a society must love exercising? Why are we made to feel guilty if we don’t love engaging in sports?  I, for one, am tired of dieting and jogging and  bicycle riding with no freakin’ results.

Yesterday a friend of mine posted an exercise video on Facebook of some 20-something year old blonde girl jumping around on her bed.  I was forced to comment that at my age I’m no longer able to jump around with that kind of oomph and more than likely I’d lose my balance and end up breaking a bone or two.

Why can’t our society accept that at a certain age it’s ok to be moderately overweight.  I can be a little overweight and still feel healthy and attractive.

I have literally spent my entire life on a diet !!!  I eat less now than I ate in my 20’s.  My body is slowing down and I think the graceful thing to do is to accept that I’m not going to have the same body at 57 that I had at 20.  I’ve spent my 40’s and 50’s on all kinds of diets and in all kinds of gyms trying to get back there.  Adding up all the money I’ve spent on diet food and gym memberships I probably could’ve just gotten liposuction and been done wth it!!

I think there comes a point in time when one has just got to admit defeat.  Perhaps that’s what’s meant by growing old gracefully.

Today I say good bye to my 24 inch waist.  I’ve mourned the loss of you for long enough.  I’m moving on.

Today is my Independence Day!


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