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Month: April 2017


This happy little girl left us one year ago today. She was 13. If ever there was a gentle soul, it was Lollypop. Just saying her name made me smile. Lost […]

Winter – Water

Tennessee Miller Coliseum Murfreesboro, Tennessee A gift of more than $20 million dollars by the late John C. “Tennessee” Miller and his wife, the late Mary Elizabeth Miller, to Middle […]

Tennessee Aquarium, Chattanooga

Not too long ago I took my granddaughter to the Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga for the day. We had the most wonderful time! If you ever find yourself in that area, […]

What Moving To Florida Has Taught Me

Back in January I moved from Tennessee to the State of Florida.  I couldn’t stand the idea of living through another cold winter. My plan was to check out Florida first and […]

Earth / Waterfalls

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth / Waterfalls When I think of the earth I think of Waterfalls. Mother Nature continually regenerating and healing, Year after year, Almost in spite of us   […]


I’m so glad I captured this moment on film. I should’ve known better than to take a 2- year-old for his first haircut on a day when he was feeling so […]

Why I Prefer Phone Interviews

Is there ever a situation where you feel more judged than the job interview?  Honestly… You walk in and extend your hand for a handshake and you’re immediately judged on […]

Florida Botanical Gardens

These Florida Botanical Gardens are located in Largo, Florida.  With lush green pathways and visually stunning gardens, it is a lovely cool reprieve from the hot weather. However …… I […]

The Lesson

As a single parent I moved forward blindly in my child rearing.  Many times it felt like I was feeling my way around in the dark. Most of the time I didn’t […]

Eulogy To My 24 Inch Waist

Who’s the one that decided that we as a society must love exercising? Why are we made to feel guilty if we don’t love engaging in sports?  I, for one, am […]